Friday, June 26, 2009

Peru Photo Gallery

Hopefully this works, the link below should take you to different albums we are posting of Peru. They are unedited and I must let everyone know the Machu Pichu photos were all taken with a wide angle lense, I am not really that wide!
Currently I am in Arequipa getting ready to take a tour of Colca Canyon and see the Andean Condors for the next 2 days. If these albums work correctly you will click on one of the pictures and see either the Museum of Archeology, City of Lima, Pisaq, Machu Pichu,Cusco, Arequipa and CaƱon de Colca. When I get home I´ll work on editing and eliminating some of the unnecessary ones and write a description of what you are seeing. ENJOY, I sure am!!!
When you are in the album, the bottom right hand corner is a square with an arrow and if you click on it the pictures will be full screen size.


Marti said...

Wow!...breathtaking...and you are THERE! walking on the ground, breathing in the air, touching the stones, eating the food. It is too much to take in. Thanks Kim.

Marti said...

You can never be the same.