Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poms, Poms and more Poms

This is me with Gage, Saucey and Mick taken this evening in Doodle Bug Park.
Gage and Saucey are littermates.


Where do I start? I spent the last two weeks enjoying a road trip to see friends, family, dogs and the beautiful Northwest. I left early on Friday July, 13 with Mick and Gage in their crates and the car packed to its' max with clothing, dog equipment, food, water and anything else I could fit in. We arrived at Julie Clemen's house Saturday after about 15 hours of driving and had a great time getting reacquainted and seeing the Little Paws Kennel and all her Pomeranians. The cool, clean Northwest air was wonderful even though the people living there thought it was hot! The next day I traveled with Annette (Julie's cousin and also good friend) to a breeder's house where we picked out 4 Poms to add to Julie's breeding stock. The trip was filled with lively conversation as we munched on fresh picked marionberries and raspberries. On Wednesday, Annette and I loaded up her truck for the Brush Prarie Dog Show and as Julie waved good-bye to us I was excited at the prospect of handling a dog in the Pomeranian Specialty. Annette and I spent 4 days showing 5 different dogs and boy is that the way to get broken in!!! It was a rush to get dogs brushed and combed and ready to go out in the ring and then hurrying to the ring to show the dog. I showed Wendy, a black Pomeranian in the 6-9 month Puppy Bitches ring (she embarassed me by peeing in the middle of her walk for the judge) and then Saucie in Open Bitches Orange. Oh yeah, and the best thing of all is that Julie has given me Saucie so that I can show her in California!!! Saucie is Gage's littermate sister and is a beautiful, petite orange female who I am so honored to be entrusted with and excited to have such a beautiful, well-trained dog to learn how to handle in the show ring. We had a great week and were fairly successful although , of course, we would have loved to get Best In Show but for some of the puppies first time out and it being my first time out it was a fun but exhausting experience. My sister Julie came and spent 2 nights with us at the Portland Dog Show so she got to experience a little of "my new world" too.After leaving the Dog Show I headed up to Seattle and Lake Stevens to visit Julie and then down to Gig Harbor to visit my nephew Ross and his family at his beautiful home. The Pacific Northwest is sooooo...... BEAUTIFUL!! Yes, I love it and would move up there if there was a way. LOL!!

I spent the remainder of the week visiting with my friend Julie and learning all I could about Pomeranians and their health, grooming, funny antics and visiting Olympia. I helped mow lawns, exercise dogs, dry dogs and cuddle dogs. I stayed at Julie's parents house and what gracious hosts they were to this strange Californian that loves Pomeranians as much as their daughter!! I feel so blessed to have made such good friends in Julie and Annette (my husband calls them the "POM MAFIA") and I look forward to many more "Pom Adventures" and visits to Olympia, WA.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Advanced Rally Titles for Mick and Gage

This past weekend I traveled to Ventura with a friend I'd met through Bakersfield Obedience Club where we had both entered the Summerfest Show in Rally Advanced. Mick and Gage both needed to qualify on Saturday and Sunday in order to finish their Advanced Title. I knew they were both able to qualify but would they? I'd been working hard with Gage because my happy go lucky worker had suddenly stopped liking to work and I wasn't sure why. With lots of tips and suggestions from my Washington friends Julie and Annette I tried a lot of things to make Gage more interested in competing but found that food was the best incentive for him.

Saturday was windy and cold in Ventura, not just a little breeze but WINDY!! The boys looked like they were going to be blown off the Rally Course but they kept their feet on the ground and both got qualifying scores. Wow! I was thrilled and when we went in on Sunday I was even more thrilled because they both did well and best of all, they had FUN!! Of course , I had fun too and laughed at some of their antics out on the course. Mick even had the distraction of a loose dog running into the ring while he was performing and it stopped the whole event. However, we continued and when it was over, Mick placed 2nd and Gage placed 4th, and they both earned their titles.

So, I am proud to introduce....

Serafina's Mickey Doodle Bug, CGC,RN, RA
Rise N Shine's Hot Stuff (Gage) CGC,RN,RA

Don't they look happy?

The second picture is me at our Obedience Club's Award's Dinner which had a "Hollywood" theme so I was dressing the part.