Monday, February 22, 2010

Uncle Gibby meeting Zoe and Juliet

Uncle "Gibby" = Uncle Jacob, when Aubrey met Jacob a year and a half ago she named him "Gibby" and we thought it was so cute it has remained Gibby. Jacob finally returned home from his 3 1/2 year bicycle trip and was introduced to two new nieces that were born while he was gone. Aubrey was also born while he was gone but she met him when he returned for a short time to earn money to continue his journey. Jacob was home for Aubrey's second birthday.

Zoe meets Gibby. Zoe is 10 months old

Juliet meets Gibby. Juliet was born 1/1/10

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thompson Girls

I got the best Valentine present this year!! This is a picture of my granddaughters. Juliet, the baby was born 1/1/10 and is the baby sister to Aubrey (3 1/2 years old) and they are the daughters of Justin and Barbie. Zoe, the dark haired girl is the daughter of Kurt and Alisha and just turned 10 months old. Aren't I Blessed?

Monday, February 15, 2010


I got to enjoy a whole day with Aubrey on Saturday while her mom, dad and baby Juliet traveled down South for a day of Ikea shopping. We enjoyed playing house, tea party , shopping for Valentines and we went to visit the zebras, camel, llamas and horses that were downtown for a circus. While we were there I decided to buy a ticket for the 5 PM show and Aubrey and I hurried home to eat some lunch and get a little rest before the big show.

The circus was enjoyable although certainly not a Ringling Bros. Circus but the Ramos Circus so everything was bilingual but it was exciting for both of us. They started it off by letting you in for the 5PM show and then trying to sell you everything under the sun for the next 30 minutes. They sold food, drinks, cotton candy, bubble guns, lighted swords, clown glasses, pictures, and face painting by a clown (of course, we went for that).

Aubrey excitedly clapped for dancers and clowns and then fell asleep while the circus and the noise continued with her in my arms.

We had a very good time. I love being a grandma and I love having a little girl to do fun things with and soon I will have two more granddaughters that would love to go to a circus

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was able to travel to the Rose City Classic in Portland,Oregon to show my 7 month old Belgian Sheepdog,"Tess " January 20-23. I packed up the Volvo and made the long drive with Tess to meet up with my mentor and friend Annette. This is actually my third Rose City Classic but it had been to show Pomeranians. Annette and I met up and Rachelle, the breeder I got Tess from and I had an action packed week learning to groom and handle a Belgian, meeting fellow Belgian owners and having just an all around good time. It is quite a different dog to handle, groom and show so I appreciated all their mentoring in the breed. Don't I look happy!! Tess is a beautiful girl and after spending 7 nights and days with her I have definitely bonded with this beautiful dog.