Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm On A Roll!!!

This picture is a wind-blown cropped picture of Mick and I at the High Desert Trials in Palmdale on November 11. I kind of looked like the Jolly Pomeranian Giant if I hadn't cropped it so I took out the whole left side!! In any case this was Leg 1 out of a needed 3 legs (qualifying scores) in Rally Excellent. Mick received First Place that day and was an awesome boy!!

The following weekend Mick placed first in Novice Obedience at Paso Robles. Novice Obedience is much stricter and the dog receives no cues or praise so Mick finds it quite boring but obviously he can do it. He is entered in December to hopefully complete his final leg in Novice Obedience and earn his CD.

Now I know, this is boring to most of you but this is my journal!! This past weekend, Nov. 23-24 I traveled to Turlock and Mick completed his Rally Excellent in B class with qualifying scores on both days and on Saturday he received a 95 earning him a Second Place behind a First Place of 96. I am so thrilled at the success I have had in training this little guy ! So , Mick is officially,
Serafina's Mickey Doodle Bug , CGC,RN,RA,RE he has also earned his TDI (Therapy Dog certification but that isn't an AKC title.

OK I saved the best for last, I also entered Saucie this weekend in the Turlock show where over 50 Pomeranians were entered thus making it what is called a 5 point Major Show!!! Those are hard to come by and lots of Professional Handlers were handling the Poms. Saucie was entered in Open Class Bitches and Won FIRST PLACE both days and went on to be RESERVE both days!!! OK, so if dog shows aren't something you are familiar with this doesn't mean much but I am on Cloud 9!!! My first points in a show are still eluding me but she and I have earned Reserve 4 shows in a row and this back to back Reserve at a major is absolutely thrilling!! I am having a blast learning to groom and handle my own dog and people are noticing Saucie and I .On to the next show, I know we are going to get WINNER'S Bitch soon and Best Of Breed, we are oh so close.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I went out of town this past weekend and came home to an Empty Nest. Yes, after over 27 years of sharing our home with at least one of our "little boys" , the last one officially left the nest. Our youngest son Kurt, moved into his own apartment as he prepares to get married to Alisha, his fiance and girlfriend since their freshman year in high school in March. I have been excited at the idea of having a bedroom to use for my hobbies like grooming dogs, scrapbooking and just another closet to put seasonal clothing in. However, it is different , the house is quieter, the house is cleaner (although he hasn't gotten everything cleared out yet), I don't see a sleeping boy in his bed till noon or hear the noise of video games. Life is different.

Motherhood is and has been such an important part of my life. God entrusted Brad and I with three wonderful sons and we did our best to raise them to become men of God. We learned to parent, watched them take their first steps, speak their first words, become successful students , wiped tears from their eyes, shared in their triumphs , spent evenings in ER's, shared wonderful holidays and just experienced life as a family. I am so proud of each and everyone of my sons, they are our gift from God .

I look forward to this next chapter in my life..... well, actually I'm well into chapter 2 with the addition of my first grandaughter, Aubrey Paige ..... Ahhhh... isn't God good, he gave me a grandaughter!!! It will be thrilling to see what lies ahead as Justin is completing his Administrative Credential, Jacob is somewhere in Guatemala and Kurt, my dear Kurt is getting ready to get married as he works full-time and finishes school....

As for Brad and I, we are home .... we will be celebrating our 29th Anniversary this year.
I love you Brad, my husband, my lover, the father to our sons ..... WE DID GOOD!!!

The nest on its' way to being emptied. Note that Skyler the ferret is still hanging around till the apartment gets another coat of paint and the desk and computer (sideways) stays till finals are completed for the quarter.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It Was a Great Weekend!!

Saturday night little Aubrey came over while her parents went out and I had the most enjoyable time just being with my grandaughter. We shared some soup and crackers, whipped cream and some water. She got into my cupboards and took everything out and played with anything that interested her. She played with the dogs and talked with Grandpa Brad. She was happy and content and then around 9 PM she decided she was sleepy. Ahhhhh.... it is heaven on earth to have a little one lay their head on your shoulder, humm and make soft sleepy sounds and then relax and drift off to sleep. The sweetest thing Aubrey also does is to take your hand and place it on her face as she drifts off to sleep. Guess who else drifted off to sleep holding this beautiful little girl?

To make this an even better weekend, Saucie competed in Irwindale in an All Breed Dog Show where she took 2nd place in her class on Saturday and on Sunday she took 1st in her class and Reserve Bitch!!! Way to go Saucie
These pictures were taken by a friend that was attending the show.