Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aubrey and Jacob

Thought I would share a couple of pictures of Jacob playing with his little niece Aubrey when he was visiting last week. Jacob was on his bicycle ride when she was born so he got to see her for the first time in April. 
Morning Glories in the morning
Aubrey eating her popsicle, the dogs were sure she would share it but as you can see from her expression, popsicles are serious business

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're Famous!

Well, maybe not world famous but the newest issue of Bakersfield, a local magazine there is an article with a picture of Mick, Gage and Saucie. The magazine did their first "Pet Issue" and they found out through AKC the 10 most popular breeds in Bfld. and then interviewed owners that had these breeds. The reporter that came to my house was a beautiful young lady that was absolutely terrified of dogs!!! Yes, you read that right, terrified of all dogs. In any case, she and the other photographer took lots and lots of pictures, some with the dogs jumping their obedience jumps, some in "Doodle Bug Park" and some with Brad and I but this is the only picture they published.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boys N Their Toys

All three of my sons are in Bakersfield right now and yesterday they all went out to CSUB and shot off model rockets together. LOL!  Brings back lots of memories because they loved rockets as little boys too! Doesn't it look like they had a good time?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jacob Michael

Well, one more son to be proud of ....

Some of you may not know this but Jacob has been back in the U.S. since the first of April. He had to interrupt his "Riding the Spine" jouney to come back and earn some money. Currently I hear very little from Jacob but he is living with friends up in the Santa Rosa area and working as a substitute teacher. He is also finding time to ride the river and hurt his shoulder. Jacob will be teaching a three week computer class in Los Gatos in July and then the three guys hope to pool their funds and head back to Panama to complete their journey on bicycle to the tip of Argentina.

Ahhh... got to love that adventuresome spirit (even though it terrifies me). Jacob is also planning to apply to Berkeley for their Journalism Program for the Fall of '09. After a couple of weeks of substituting he says he "hates teaching" so after getting a taste of writing several articles for magazines is thinking Journalism may be a better fit for him.

Aren't I just the luckiest mom to have 3 wonderful sons? God has really blessed Brad and I and we are very proud of each of our sons .

Kurt Preston

Since I mentioned Justin's new job I must also say that we are also very thrilled that Kurt started a new job 2 weeks ago with Baker-Hughes. Now, the problem with announcing this job is I really have no idea what he is doing but it involves oil-well planning and computers. LOL!! He just got back from a week long training in Oklahoma City and his new bride Alisha, missed him a lot. The new job will work around his schedule as he finishes his last 12 units needed to complete his Bachelors. Kurt is working hard and learning lots and with his work ethics I know he will go far in the world of OIL. Hmmmm... not a bad field to be in right now. We love you Kurt and Alisha.

Justin David

I am so excited and proud of my son Justin who just received the call today offering him a job as the Vice Principal of Special Ed. for Kern Co. Supt. of Schools. His position will have him working with emotionally disturbed children so it will really take a special person like him to work with this population. Justin has pursued his education with goals for the future earning his Bachelors Degree, Sp. Ed Credential for mod-severe, Master's in Special Education and this past January completing his Administrative Credential.

Congratulations my son, we couldn't be prouder of you and your beautiful wife and baby!!!