Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last Friday I received a call that my dad was taken by ambulance to the Heart Hospital with an infection and that his blood pressure and heart rate were extremely low. As it turns out , he was one very, very sick man and stayed in CCU over the weekend and then was moved to a regular floor prior to discharge. Apparently he had a UTI that went into sepsis which led to collapse of his vascular system thus causing blood pressure and heart rate issues. He also has some history of bundle blockage of his heart and CHF. Thanks to antibiotics,Dopamine, doctors, nurses and a lot of prayer he is on the road to recovery.

My dad turned 83 years old this month and really has had very few major health issues so our family's world was put into a tailspin to see him so ill. God has blessed me with a very loving, caring and Christ loving father.I'm happy to report that dad is recovering and was discharged from the hospital Tuesday evening to go back to Assisted Living in Rosewood Gardens. He has a lot of healing to get his strength back but we are so thankful to have him feeling so much better.

Doodle Bug Park -and Rise N Shines Hot Stuff RN.RA,CGC "GAGE"

The pictures above were taken this week in Doodle Bug Park which is an area on the West side of our house that is devoted to the Poms. It is about 1 1/2 years old now so the plants are finally taking hold and starting to grow. I have creeping fig that is supposed to climb up and cover the brick wall but it is really slow!
This is Gage, he is my first Rise N Shine dog and as you can see a real sweetheart.  He is littermate brother to Saucie and since she has been getting most of the attention on this blog with her show success I felt I needed to recognize Gage too.  Gage has been having some health issues so was given a break in his training but he is ready to get back to Rally and finish his Rally Excellent title. Gage and Saucie will turn 2 years old on May 2 so be ready for more pictures!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The New World of IMAC

This is me taking a picture with my new computer!!  Yes, after years of my son telling us we should get an IMAC and our good friend Tom telling us how much better the MAC was we finally made the big step!!  It actually started out as a joke because we were at Best Buys to purchase another keyboard for our PC (we seem to need to get them every couple of months)when I noticed the Apple Powerbook. I told Brad I wanted an Apple laptop for Mother's Day and he kind of looked around and said he liked the idea of me getting an IMAC and then he'd take the PC for himself in his office. Anyways, one week later I am learning about the new world of IMAC. The camera is just part of the computer and you can edit and email them so easy!.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best of Winners, Best of Breed

This is the picture taken at the Kern Co. Kennel Club Show where Saucie won Best of Winners and Best of Breed. I know this is kind of boring to people since she keeps winning but with no comments I have a feeling I write this for myself anyways. Saucie and I traveled to Merced the following weekend and she won Best Opposite on Thursday and Sunday!!! The win on Thursday gave her 2 more points and the win on Sunday was a Major win for 4 points. So, what does all that mean? Saucie has gotten both of her majors required for her Championship so now she only has to get three more points!! Iam thrilled beyond belief to know that she will more than likely finish her CHAMPIONSHIP within the next couple of shows, at least if she continues to be as successful as she has been the last couple of shows!!! I haven't received a picture from her major but yes, when it comes I will once again post a picture of SAUCIE!!! LOL!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This picture was taken by my sister Marti at a baby shower for our neice Anne. It was funny because if you look closely, my brother Bob, me and my oldest sister Lynn all recently got glasses and we all got the same color and shape. Tortoise Shell square glasses!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


For the first time since July of '06 the Thompson Family was together!! Of course, there has been 2 additions since that time , one being Aubrey who is now 18 months old and Alisha, Kurt's wife of 3 weeks. Jacob is taking a break from his bicycle journey to earn money to continue the ride by the end of July. This picture was taken of our family dinner with the camera on a timer.
Uncle Jacob enjoyed playing with his little neice Aubrey who is quite the talker and quite animated!!