Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st in Class, Reserve Winner

My mom,Saucie and I drove down to Santa Ana last weekend for the Santa Ana Dog Show. I invited Mom because her best lifelong friend, Edith Rae lives down there and I saw it as an opportunity for her to get away, visit her friend and see me at one of my dog shows. We arrived in Orange Co. Friday evening and went to dinner and visited with EdithRae and then went to our Motel 6 for a nights sleep before the dog show. It poured down rain that evening which concerned me because it was an outdoor dog show at Cypress College but, the next morning it was overcast with clouds but only an occassional sprinkle.
We arrived at the dog show early and Mom was very interested in all the different breeds and activities around the show. Saucie was brushed and readied for the show where she was entered in the Open Bitch Orange, Cream & Sable Class. A lot of dogs had dropped out because of a Parvo scare in Orange and the rainstorm but Saucie was ready! She looked gorgeous and showed well other than a little timidness when the judge examined her but she looked beautiful and I was very hopeful for her. Well, she placed third and Mom and Edith Rae were quite surprised because she was obviously the best looking Pom there (we weren't biased at all!!)
I got the opportunity to talk with other Pom people and had one person even look Saucie over and evaluate her after the show. Her conclusion, she loved Saucie and gave me lots of encouragement, she even said she would be thrilled to show her. However, probably her best advice to me was that when I went out into the ring tomorrow to go in knowing I would win, be positive !!!
Sunday morning we repeated our drive and set-up at the dog show. Saucie once again brushed and beautiful looked ready to go into the ring but I knew that today we would have a more positive attitude, I was confident we would do well. When Saucie's class was called we went in with confidence and she showed beautifully, she even behaved well on her exam by the judge and then he had us go around the ring and placed Saucie in front. My excitement was growing, could it be? Was she her favorite? YES!!! Saucie took the Blue Ribbon in her class and went on to win Reserve Winner which means if the winning bitch had won best of breed Saucie would have gone in the final round to compete for Winners Bitch. A very thrilling and successful day, now my next goal is to win some points on Saucie and then on to her Championship!!! It was a lot of fun and it was fun to have my Mom there watching me and Saucie.
I'm waiting to post this till my Win Picture is mailed. So when this is posted there should be a picture with Saucie and I and the judge who awarded her 1st Place.
CONGRATULATIONS SAUCIE, THANK YOU JULIE CLEMEN for the gift of Saucie and the opportunity to learn how to show the beautiful Rise and Shine's She's So Hot (SAUCIE)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Last night was a long and very frustrating evening for me but for Kurt, my youngest son it was an extremely long and painful night. Last week, September 8 Kurt woke up doubled over in pain complaining of right sided pain in the abdomen and back. I took him to the ER where they diagnosed him with a kidney stone. They gave him plenty of pain killer , took a CAT scan which found a 3mm kidney stone and sent us home with a Rx for Vicodin. Well, we naively thought he'd passed the stone since he had no more pain and we hoped it was all behind him. However, last night Kurt began to feel uncomfortable so he took the Vicodin but by 10PM the pain was increasing and we decided to return to the ER.
Well..... here is where the story takes a turn for the worse because the ER was full and by now Kurt couldn't even walk,grimacing, rapid breathing and tears falling from his eyes didn't convince the Triage nurse that he needed attention. So...... almost 4 hours later, yes you read it right , four hours later he was finally seen and he got relief with some IV Dilaudid.
That time spent in the ER was very lonely, frustrating and left me feeling so helpless as I watched my soon to be 22 year old son writhe in severe pain for four hours!!! It was a horrible experience and hopefully he will soon pass this kidney stone. Interestingly enough, the ER doctor said the stone was probably passing through the bifurcation of the ureters which is the narrowest area and thus the extreme pain. He also said that this could be Kurt's one and only kidney stone or he might be a person that has one every month!!! Whoa, that's enough to put some fear into you!!
Kurt describes the pain, now that it is being managed as feeling like someone takes a knife they have dipped in rock salt and then stabbed him in his abdomen toward his back. Poor guy. Prayers for his recovery are requested. Today he has been at home taking the Rx and straining his urine. They liken a kidney stone to having a baby so, at this point Kurt is still in labor and we're awaiting the arrival of "Little Stone"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!

Saturday, September 8 was my first grandchild's, first granddaughter's, first birthday! It seems like just yesterday we all gathered in the hallway at Memorial Hospital for the birth of Justin and Barbie's baby. We were so thrilled to find out it was a girl and even more surprised to find out she weighed 9lbs 14 oz.!! Anyways, here it is one year later and the baby has grown to be a beautiful blue-eyed, blond haired happy little girl that is loved and doted on by everyone but most of all by her parents who totally devote themselves to this beautiful gift from God.
Aubrey's party was held at the old Woolworth's store in downtown Bakersfield which is now an antique store but still has an old-time counter where you can go for lunch. The party was a 50's theme and Aubrey came dressed in her white poodle skirt, pink tank top and white patent leather shoes. The guests consisted of friends and family
who all enjoyed the french fries and root beer floats followed by a homemade birthday cake that was baked and decorated by Justin.
I can't believe I'm a Grandma to the sweetest, prettiest little girl in the world!
Little Aubrey is a very important member of the Thompson family, we love and adore her and pray for God's continued blessings.