Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doodle Bug park

Video showing Doodle Bug Park

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kurt's Triathlon Sprint

I can't believe it, the end of May is here and the school year is coming to a close. Life has been busy and hectic as I'm considering a job change, training dogs, going to classes , birthdays, graduations and planning vacations.
Yesterday Brad and I gathered all the dogs and drove out to Lake Ming to watch Kurt who had entered the Action Sports Bakersfield Triathlon Sprint. First of all, what a mistake to have brought the dogs, there were fox tails everywhere and I found out that having a fluffy little Pomeranian around fox tails is AWFUL!! They were miserable and hours had to be spent to get rid of all those burrowing fox tails and we are still concerned that Daisy might have one in her ear. But, back to the Triathlon, Kurt did fantastic!! His final time was 1 hour 24 minutes and 37 seconds and he came in 3rd for his age group (20-24) and 18th overall!! Way to go Kurt and I bet this is just the first of many races. He trained a lot taking time to bicycle, run and swim in preparation for this race and loosing about 15 pounds in the process. Alisha, Barbie and Aubrey were also there to cheer him on.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hollywood Dog Obedience Club

Well, more dog info to post!! Mick, Gage and I traveled South to the Hollywood Dog Obedience Club's Obedience Trial/Rally Trial. Both of them had completed their Rally Novice title so it was time to take the big step to Rally Advanced. In Advanced Rally the dog has several new exercises added to the course such as pivots and side steps and a jump plus the dog must do the whole course off-lead. Well, we arrived at the Gabrieleno Equestrian Center and it was a beautiful and clear day but very windy and when I checked in I found out that Gage would be the first entry to do the Advanced Rally A course and Mick would be the last. As our turn drew close I began to feel a little nervous and hoped my boys wouldn't blow away because it was pretty windy. Gage did just great and it is such a feeling of accomplishment to spend time training a dog and to be successful. Gage scored a 91 and ended up in third place and completed his first leg for Advanced Rally out of a needed 3 legs. Gage did a really tricky pivot by doing a complete flip in the air and landing at my side (such a showboat). Mick went in last and Mick is notorious for not always paying close attention but let me tell you, this boy can strut and everyone said he looked very attentive and quite beautiful. Mick made it through the course and also received a qualifying score of 79 however it took a lot to keep his attention and I thought I was going to be hoarse by the end of the course. YEAH!!! It is so much fun to see your time and efforts at training be rewarded as you work as a team. You can't tell I love these guys can you?