Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rose City Classic

I just got back from traveling to Washington and Oregon for the Rose City Classic Dog Show. I arrived in Seattle on Wed. morning and then Thursday Annette and I traveled to Portland for the Belgian Specialty and then the Rose City Classic. We stopped by Julie Clemen's to see the newest puppies and to pick up Channing for the show. I had a great time with my good friend Annette and she continues to teach me the art of grooming a Pomeranian for show and give me tips on handling. It was an exhausting 4 days of showing but I felt that Saucie did well. She didn't earn any pointsbut Saucie finished 2 days with a third in her class and 2 days with a first in her class, not a bad show considering the competition she was up against.

We came home Monday evening and I spent the next 2 nights with my friend Julie Clemen and her many Poms. I slept on her couch with her dear little girl, Cayenne and each morning was greeted by most of the rest of the Poms. They are all so unique and each one has such a special personality but one thing for sure, they are the most loving and friendly little dogs you will ever find. I enjoyed just relaxing and visiting with Julie as we watched tv, read old Pomeranian magazines and played with the dogs. We also did a little "dog food shopping" and had a very nice dinner of Russian Stew at her mom and dad's, I feel like a member of the family! Julie also had a new addition, a 10 week old Pekinese named Montana!!

I had a great week off and enjoyed the clean , crisp , clean air of Washington where the weather was cold but sunny . I came home to a horrendous storm in California of rain and snow and Brad and I ended up taking 6 hours to get home through the desert and Tehachapi due to closure of the Grapevine. Mick and Gage were happy to see me and Saucie was thrilled to be home too! Well, I have another dog show next weekend so I'm busy bathing and grooming the dogs today so that I can get ahead of the grooming.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Palm Springs Kennel Club WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it happened, on Saturday January 4, 2008 my little girl, Rise N Shine's She's So Hot "Saucie" and I won our first dog show and it was also a major ( 3 point show). I am so thrilled and excited, it is really a dream come true for me. I can remember as a child reading the book, Champion Dog Prince Tom and thinking how fun it would be to show dogs.

Saucie was beautiful and full of "Pomeranian spunk" for the judge with a couple of leaps and barks when she was supposed to be exhibiting her beautiful gait. She won her Class, Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex. Ya HOOOO!!! We leave for Portland on January 16 for 4 days of shows and more mentoring from Annette and Julie in grooming and handling Pomeranians. I am so lucky to have them mentoring me ! Annette even spends hours helping me groom Saucie over the Internet via web cam. The picture of Saucie was taken at the show by Tamee who lives in San Diego and shows and breeds Pomeranians