Monday, August 24, 2009


I have been trying to get some pictures of Zoe but she has been sleeping or not cooperative, however, this past weekend Kurt and Alisha invited me to go to Cayucus and stay with her parents in a condo they rented for a month so I drove over Saturday morning and stayed till Sunday afternoon.
Zoe is a very easy going baby that lets her parents sleep in, rarely demands anything and is just in general a very content baby. Not to say she doesn't have her moments, after all, she is a girl so she doesn't like the dirty diaper and will let you know she is hungry or needs a nap but even then she will go a lot longer than any of my kids ever did before letting you know what she needs.
She is a very loved little girl by her doting parents and of course, grandparents. Her smile will light up your world.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Name Tags and Morning Mischief

Well , just an update to say that the crated dogs have done well the last two nights. You can see I had to add name tags to personalize their "CAGES" These are the happy faces that greeted me this morning . They all got baths and groomed last night .

OH OH!! I left the hose on in Doodlebug Park overnight and guess who played in the water?

That's right , "Tess the Mess" and "Evil Ivy" rolled in the water and mud and I had to bathe Ivy again this morning. Doesn't she look proud of herself after getting her second bath in 8 hours?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bicycle Rider/Crate Training.

Aubrey has conquered bicycle riding and is she ever proud of herself. She came over last night to show me her new skill by riding all the way to our mailbox.

OK, so I have to confess, when we got Mick he slept with us from day 1. When we got Gage , he joined us sleeping on a pillow on our bed between Brad and I. When we got Saucie , yep, she joined the boys in our bed. Well, when IVY came along we put her into a crate and she did fine but due to lack of sleep I just couldn't make it through the multiple times having to get up when she cried to go outside. So this time, we were told and agreed -Belgians's don't sleep in your bed (well, maybe when I take a nap but not at night). In any case, we're doing great and she sleeps in a crate and some nights she makes it through the whole night. It doesn't help that Brad gets up at 3-4 in the morning and wakes them up on occassion.

Well, the other day I awoke from a nap and Brad was on the computer ordering 4 small crates for the Poms. He decided if his dog was in a crate then mine were in a crate. Hmmm.. it might lead to a better nights sleep , that is after they get used to it so tonight we will give it the first try becasue the crates arrived and are all put together so what do you think?

Welcome to Doodlebug Park Kennels :-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aubrey Happy playing in the Sprinklers

Aubrey came over tonight and was playing in the sprinklers. She was so happy and was actually smiling for pictures and I loved her expressions. She's growing up so fast and is going to start going to pre-school 2 days a week starting Thursday as Barbie prepares to start back to work. Where does the time go? My little granddaughter is growing way to quickly.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy Summer

Wow! It has been a long time since I've posted but that is because I've been really busy. I got home from Peru and spent almost a week at home and then took off to Olympia, Washington to visit my friends, sister, niece Bethany and her new identical twin boys. This is a picture of Bethany holding Isaac and the other identical pea in the pod is Levi. Aren't they cute?

My sister Julie holding her grandson Isaac.

I arrived in Olympia to visit with my friend Julie and to go to the Stumptown Dog Show with Annette. While I was there Julie evaluated my little Ivy and it seems that she will be a good show prospect once she does a little maturing. She was entered in Portland and did fine but no ribbons, we are going to let her coat catch up to her body and then start entering her so she can hopefully become a Champion like her mama Saucie.

Picture of Annette and I and Julie and Kevin riding in a horse drawn carriage through the streets of Olympia. The little furry one is Harmony , a very, very tiny Pomeranian.
I stayed with Annette for a couple of days and got acquainted with her Belgian Sheepdog, Santana. What a beautiful and big dog he is!! Annette made arrangements for me to go see a litter of Belgian puppies at her friend Rachelle's while I was there too.

This is a picture of the mother of the litter

The end result of my Washington trip was picked up in LA Alaskan Cargo Thursday night around 11 PM

Introducing, Elancer's Enchantress of the Night "Tess"
Yes, I know, I've gone to the dogs! It will definitely be a new adventure to show a Belgian Sheepdog and Brad will be doing obedience with her while I do obedience with IVY. No empty nest around this house.