Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doodlebug Parks' I B A Daddy's Girl "IVY"

She has a name! I felt Brad needed some recognition because he has been doing more than half the feedings these past two weeks since I returned to work. He gets up at the 2 or 3 am feeding so I can get some sleep and he leaves for work so he can be back for the 11 am feeding!! Anyways, Ivy just seems like the perfect call name for her so Ivy she is.
These pictures show how big she's getting (15.7 oz. today) and she is 3 weeks plus 1 day old. She was introduced to real food last night as we begin the weaning period and she devours all the food you put in front of her. She's walking around, very busy little girl and is hard to keep a hold of while feeding. She can down her bottle in about 60 seconds.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She's Growing!

These pictures were taken this morning. I look pretty good after 13 days of feeding every three hours around the clock but by the end of the day I am WASTED. She now weighs 10.4 oz and turns 2 weeks old tomorrow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


She is now 8 days old and weighs 8.2 oz so she has doubled her birth weight. Mama Saucie is interested in her from a distance only so that means we are required to feed her every 3 hours around the clock and make her poo and pee, burp her and brush her. Brad has been very helpful especially since I also returned to work this week and he has been able to do the 10am, 1pm and 4pm feed so I don't have to come home. Most important of all Brad volunteers to do the 4AM feeding so I can get a stretch of sleep between 1-6am.
Aubrey was over tonight and petted her for the first time and actually held the bottle for her after she had already finished eating. She is a lot of work but like parents of a new baby we are enjoying her and are excited by poops, weight gain and watching her every movement. We haven't come up for a name yet so we are open to suggestions. I think my kennel name will be Doodle Bug so ..... Doodle Bugs' Fat and Sassy or Doodle Bug's Princess. I want something unusual possibly even the name of a bug like Circade and then call her Katie or ?????

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a Girl!

Yesterday, Saucie delivered a 4.1oz beautiful baby girl by C-Section at the Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital. Saucie woke me up around 5am and was obviously in early labor and was scheduled to be admitted at 7am, I called and asked if I brought her at 6am would I be charged the emergency fee and they said yes, so guess who waited till 7am? They didn't do the section on Saucie till after 12 because it turns outthey let her try laboring since the puppy was in the birth canal but they ended up performing a C-Section. Now remember, the x-ray last week showed only a singleton puppy and that it was going to be way to big to be birthed by Saucie so I was worried that I had some kind of "monster" puppy but this little one is very average and quite the beauty. In the pictures the only one taken in natural light is the one of her in the box and this is the only one that shows her true color, the rest make her look much redder than she is. The general consensus is that she may be a Blue Cream Sable. That would be avery unusual and beautiful color so now we just need to wait and see.

Now for the nitty gritty, Saucie has no idea what this little "alien" is, all she knows is that she hurts and this thing wants to crawl over her and suck on her sore tummy! She wants nothing to do with the baby at this point. So.... Mama Kim had to get up and bottle, poop and pee this little girl every 2 hours!! This morning I got Saucie to lay with me and allow the baby to nurse but she wants nothing to do with cleaning it or loving it yet.

Wish me luck, I am very invested emotionally and monetarily in this beautiful baby girl. We are hoping that Saucie will be feeling good enough to take over total responsibility but till then.... set the alarm it is time to bottle the baby!